Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Knitting Content?

We did get November in.

I thought some knitting content might be a good thing. It's just that there is this problem with the knitting projects. My diamond fantasy shawl wandered off pattern and it's mid-frogpond. I have two 1/3 sleeves on my coup d'etat cardigan with unmatched twists in the cables.

I really want to cast something else on. I'm trying to be disciplined about knitting; one project at a time. That was working. Then we went on vacation, and I didn't think I had enough cardigan to make it through. So I started a Charlotte.

I did manage to finish that, but I lost my focus. Instead of finishing my cardigan when I got home, I felt free to cast on something else. I used Christmas knitting as an excuse. Now I need to make a choice. Fix what I have or invest a fortune in needles so I can have a plethora of unfinished projects.

I know from years of needlework experience that if I put something away with a problem, it's hard to pick it back up. So using that logic, I should fix the shawl and sleeves before I quit. I also know that if I fix them, I'll probably want to knit them.

My husband is wonderfully encouraging on this. "Don't do what I do. Do one thing at a time." I appreciate his support. Sometimes his obsession with one thing at a time is stressful in itelf. That's a subject for another day.


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