Thursday, June 28, 2007

Swatching? Check!

I've worked on three swatches for Mystery Stole 3. I'm pretty sure I know the smallest and largest needle sizes. Unfortunately, I don't know which swatch I love.Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture and post it.

The first swatch was on US4 and was so loose that it was hard to even tell it was knitting. I didn't even finish one pattern repeat of that.

My next attempt was US3 (3.25mm). it's ok. I stopped paying attention to the chart sooner than I was ready to so the swatch isn't really right. I didn't want to tink it back. It seemed like there was nothing to be gained.

Finally I swatched with US2 (2.75mm). When I was knitting it, it felt right. But when I look at it next to the larger one, I have doubts. I'm wondering if I shouldn't try a US2 (3.00mm). I have one coming.

I'm going to wet them down, pin them out, then go to bed. Maybe in the morning light, the right choice will be obvious.

At this moment, I'm planning to cast on with the 2.75mm needles. I intend to reverse my normal routine and get ready for work as soon as I get up so once the clue is posted I can cast on before I leave for work.

Do I sound impatient? Aren't you?


Blogger sillyewe said...

Thank you! That's really sweet of you.

And, why yes...I AM impatient. Always when starting new projects. heh heh

Now what is that cool car in the background with your cotton candy????

6:42 PM  

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