Monday, September 03, 2007

Catching Up and a view of Lead East

So I've been slogging along on Mystery Stole 3, aka Swan Lake. I still love it. I'm working on Clue 4 which I enjoy, but I don't need to as pay close attention so I make mistakes.

I got into to Ravelry, id: trainlady. I really see the point there. The database aspects are useful. I'm looking forward to archiving everything there. I sometimes feel like I knit and knit with no results. The problem is I finish things and move on. They don't remain in my consciousness particularly when I give them away.

And it's a great help to look at other people's projects. When I'm thinking about something I want to work on, I would google it. Sometimes, I would find other examples. In Ravelry, it's not a measure of my google-fu. If they are there, I can see them essentially immediately.

We made our annual visit to Lead East, and I worked on my vacation Monkey almost the whole time. I finished several repeats. The sock is looking at the Rocket Ship ride. It's part of an amusement park ride which was mounted on an Olds Toronado chassis.

That sort of thing is what makes Lead East unique. Many car shows are about perfect and historically accurate cars. Lead East sometimes pokes fun at this. We've all heard the "mooring that boat" joke too many times. This guy makes it real:

Blogger ate my photos.


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